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Books, again!

Book, books, I love books.  They give us comfort, insight, enjoyment, sorrow, laughter.

They take us out of ourselves, see the other, the neighbour, the friend, the enemy, in a new light.

People who write are giving us a gift, and people who recommend books to us are giving us gifts as well.

I was recommended a book by someone who I met while working very briefly in a chaplaincy role, yet she has given me a gift.

The book is called “Phosphorescence” by Julia Baird.  It is gentle and insightful about the human condition, about awe and wonder and about being a woman, here and now. How to find the light in the dark of life.

But Julia Baird has also given me a gift. A poet who I was unaware of, and who has written these beautiful words in a poem, called “Birthing the sky, Birthing the sea”. They are found in the book….

Hands on her belly of stone

Pebbles in her blood stream

She’s fervently dreaming of birthing the sky 

birthing the sea.

She doesn’t want to live forever

Just long enough to be able to love a little harder

To become a little smarter

To heal the world just enough that

evolving hearts have a platform from which to start.”

To hear the whole poem, go onto YouTube, and as she speaks it, rather than has it written down.  The poet is Candy Royalle and she sadly died a few years ago aged 37.

I discovered poetry, really discovered it through Mary Oliver.  And now I love the way it can also speak to us at a deep, mysterious level, below what we can see on the surface of things.

Thankyou Julia for giving me these beautiful words by Candy.

Sometimes I wonder, can I be a writer like that, make words that sit us up and shake us out of our stupor?


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