Reflections from the Couch 4 – There’s always something new to find!

So welcome to reflections on the couch number 4.  I am actually a bit weary on the couch today, after turning a real church gathering into a virtual church gathering.  I have not gone the streaming road, as many churches have done, but have concentrated on getting a power point ready with songs and liturgy, and preparing a sermon, which for Easter Sunday was a video presentation.  Never did I think I would now be on YouTube!  Someone has even signed up for my channel.

Anyway I have had lots of feedback from people who found the material useful, and I hope uplifting and challenging in equal measures.

But one bit of feedback was really wonderful.

This lovely person, who is herself suffering from a great loss, introduced me to a famous folk singer/songwriter who has recently died due to Covid-19. His name is John Prine.  Some may know him, me, not really.  But the person letting me know wrote beautifully about the role Prine had played in her life, and her husbands, and how bereft she felt hearing that he had gone.

Now, surprisingly, I used Joan Baez’s version of “God is God” in my sermon, and it turns out she was a long term friend of John Prine.  Baez  has put out a video of one of John Prine’s famous songs, when she heard he was seriously ill, the one most often played, and the one requested most often in her concerts,.

It is one of the most memorable and moving songs you are likely to hear.  It’s called “Hello in There”. It  spoke to me so powerfully, I hope it does to you.

The link to the video is below, and the reflection from the couch is to watch and listen to the song, and go out and listen to others by him.  If you do you will be introduced to a man who had such insight, heart and compassion.  A huge loss for the world at a time when we need more of this.

I am sad that I have only be introduced to him now, but so glad that I have been.







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