What, I’m not thin and beautiful!!!

This is a small post about something I rather not talk about, but maybe we all should!

The other day I was invited to join a group who meets after church, to discuss Progressive Christianity (this will be tackled in a future blog).  The meeting went for about an hour, and there was about 15 people who attended. We were all sitting in a circle, and after initially introducing ourselves, I went on to share my journey from a person who was very critical of anything Christian to someone who combines being a scientist/researcher and a part time Pastor in the Uniting Church.

But this blog is not about any of that.  There was someone who was videoing the discussion, and recently I had a look at the recordings.  What!  I’m not thin and beautiful!  But that’s how I thought I looked.

It was a deep shock to examine the footage and see this slightly overweight, middle aged women, with a squeaky voice and hair all over the place in the seat that I should have been in.  I have never been one to like photos of myself or even listen to myself after I have presented a paper or sermon, so the video was a reality check!

Clearly I would much rather have my made up vision of myself instead of what I saw on the screen.

Maybe that’s a problem for many of us.  I want to be something that I’m not, and will probably never be (perhaps when I was 10 yrs old!).  Accepting ourselves, with all our faults and imperfections is part of being human.  When we deny who we really are, and pretend to be something else, we can get ourselves tied up in knots.  We are swayed by everything the comes along, in the hope we will match up to this perfect person we have in our mind.  And then we are disappointed over and over again, when it is not really us. Or worse still, we become self loathing of the wonder and marvel we are, because whatever characteristics we have are not the right ones.

Loving ourselves is as much the faith journey as loving others.  For we cannot love others until we embrace the absolute marvel we all are! The universal spirit is just that, universally in all of creation including every one of us. I believe we are all windows to the divine.

There is nothing I can do about my voice (thanks mum) and I probably could lose a few pounds, but that look is my look!  I am who I am, and you are who you are, and embracing ourselves is the start of a wholeness that brings healing and joy.








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