When We Can’t Find The Words!

It is well known my love of Mary Oliver.  She has written of life, and faith and what it is to be human in a way that deeply affects all who read her words.

But now I have found another poet who does the same thing.  I was introduced to him at the recent Common Dreams Progressive Christian Conference, held in Sydney in July. His name is Joel McKerrow, and we were privileged to her him perform a couple of his poems.  They were amazing, so much so that I have used a couple already.

The poems are available in book form, or if you want to hear him then also on DVD, and CD.

Here are 2 of my most recent favourites –

Something That We Might Call God

There is a restlessness,

A  disquiet on the inside.

A whisper.

There is a fire. Or at least a flame.

The chase for God or something that we might call God.

There is a hoping. A knowing

that gnaws

and claws

and still it holds you.

Rekindle her: I beg of you.

Choose presence. Listen to the silent stories,

the ones hidden between

the lines you let them read.

This is not a problem to solve.

This is not a life that you have to have together.

Your surrender,

it may be the best thing you could do right now.

A peace in a sea of confusion and calling.

And don’t they say that grace

makes beauty from the ugly.

So begin with the beauty and the beautiful.

Stare at it like you stare at the flame.

The day will come when you shall find yourself

once more burning.

Look deep into the world

and the world shall look deep into you

and somewhere in the stare between,

this is where she waits, God.

Or something that we might call God.


The Light 

And so we chase the light,

find the light,

swim the light,

taste the light,

love the light,

become the light,

even in the dark,

When the sun is cast upon a heavy moon.


There are many others, and I will post a few in the next few months.  But this is a taster.

Sometimes, words fail, metaphors fail, and we wonder whether we are deluded in believing in something more. A something more that connects us to the universe and to one another. A something more that lies deep within our hearts.

And then a poet comes along!







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