Neanderthals All

To a previous blog a friend in our district graciously responded : “Wise words from my neighbor across the valley”. In my natural humility, I discounted the first part of his response. It was the second part of the statement that set me fantasising. We do in actual fact live on opposite sides of a valley in Wembley Downs and, for some reason best known to a psychiatrist, I envisioned Neanderthals living in a wooded valley. I hasten to add that the fantasising that follows in no way emanates from my gracious friend being seen as a Neanderthal. It is just that his words prompted the picture of a wooded valley with wisps of smoke above the trees identifying where various groups lived.

One of the groups has a leader called Adolph who struts around proclaiming evolutionary humanism, and saying that those of us with less pigment in our skin are a superior race and it is our task to weed out the degenerates and leave only the fittest to survive and reproduce. They are a very clever family and have developed a rocket that will enable them to explore well beyond the valley. They have what is called a “White Forest Policy” and have signs out saying :”We will decide who lives in this part of the forest.” Any of us who stray on to their hunting grounds are put into what they call “concentration camps”.

Another group in the forest worship a deity called “Capitalism.” They trust in an imaginary future called “Credit”. Their main activity seems to be cutting down trees and making elaborate structures called castles.

The biggest group in the valley are known as “The Happy Chappies”. They discovered that drinking rotten fruit juice makes you feel better. They have now found a small berry called “methamphetamine” which makes you feel very happy.

Our biggest problem in the valley is a group who call themselves the “Colonials”. They have no sense of territory and seem to think that what is ours is theirs if they can get it. There was a mushroom shaped cloud over their part of the forest yesterday and some of us are wondering what it is all about.

And then, of course, there is my friend on the opposite side of the valley. Our totem is two pieces of wood joined together and reminds us of a stranger who appeared in the forest and spoke of “life in all its fullness” and “loving one another”. To most in the valley he was a nutter but some of us thought he made a great deal of sense.

At this point of time, I am very much concerned about life in the valley and have no idea what will become of us.

Come to think of it, that is a pretty important thing for all of us to think about. What will become of us? I must give it some thought when I go hunting tomorrow and share my ideas with my friend on the other side of the valley. He too is concerned about what is happening to us all. It really is an important question for us to consider “What do we want to become?”


Post script

The Neanderthals lived in the valley of Neander in Germany. DNA research by Svante Paabo suggests that we share a common ancestor. Neanderthals disappeared 27,000 years ago. Nobody knows why. Many theories have been advanced including climate, disease, violence etc. My own theory is that they failed to face up to the question “What do we want to become?”


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