Once a Knight always a Knight

Someone asked me the other day whether I believe in life after death. In the sense of some kind of heaven envisaged by the biblical writers, definitely “No!”

Time is, however, such a mysterious and subtle concept that I have difficulty in getting my head around it. I am told, and have no reason to disbelieve, that light from our neighbouring galaxy Andromeda travels two million years at a speed of three thousand kilometres a second before it reaches our eyes. When we look at the smudge of light in the sky, we see it not as it is now but as it was two million years ago. And someone asks me whether I believe in life after death!

One thing of which I am certain is that everything is interconnected. To put it in the vernacular, we come from stardust and we return to stardust. As George Coyne says “no element in the universe, including ourselves, can be ultimately understood except in relation to the whole”. All of this leads me to surmise that every life lived on the planet is part of a timeless reality and as such has eternal significance.

Is there life after death? It depends on what you mean by life after death.

And in any event, for some obscure and irreverent reason I find myself thinking  of and agreeing with  the old saying: “Once a Knight always a Knight, but once a night is enough for me”.

I’m quite happy to settle for what is and what has been.


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