How we should live?


The other day I was walking around Gwelup lake with Libby, our beautiful slightly mad golden retriever.  The lake is just wonderful at the moment, full of water and wild life, and lots and lots of birds. It is an oasis amidst the crazy and chaotic busyness of our lives.   Currently the Rainbow Bee Eater is breeding and because they make their nests in shallow ground fencing has been erected to protect them.  They are a beautiful bird and I was eager to get a photo.  Not so easily done!  They usually keep out of sight, but just occasionally they can be found sitting on the barrier near their nests.  So every day this past week I have been quietly and patiently waiting for the moment, and the moment finally came.  There was one on the fence!  I was thrilled, and managing to stay very quiet I inched up to her (or him?) and took a photo. Not one that would win any award, but I was pretty pleased.  Interestingly though, in the process of waiting to see the Rainbow Bee Eater, I have become more acutely aware of the trees, and the lake, and the other bird life.  Not to mention the setting sun, the rising moon and the incredible sounds.  Suddenly these walks are not just for Libby, but for me, and brings to life something I read from Mary Oliver …..

Instructions for living a life

Pay attention

Be Astonished

Tell about it

Yep, I have done all three, and have been enriched for the experience!




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