what am I doing here!


This is my first ever blog on our new webpage, We have a dream too.  It is the brainchild of two people,  one who has been active in social justice and the peace movement all his life, and one who is trying!!!  We have a dream that faith in the life and teachings of Jesus can make a difference in the world, and make a difference to those in the world with very little.  We believe this faith can be a transforming faith, in which the God of love, justice and peace revealed in Jesus can also be revealed in us.   There are many in history who have attempted to bring about this type of transformation, and as the name of our blog suggests Martin Luther King is one of our inspirations, but there are many, both within the church and outside of it.  We will bring you reflections of faith and christianity, not just from us but from others, reflections on the progressive movement within our own faith and in other faith traditions, and commentary on political, social and environmental issues that affect the world we all live in and to which we are called to respond.  And maybe we might bring the odd joke or too!

Well here goes……

One response to “what am I doing here!”

  1. wonderingpilgrim says :

    Greetings, O fellow mid-wives of transformation! Congratulations on getting your blog (never a blob!) up. May the conversations here be as stimulating, provocative and informing as they are IRL (cyber speak for “in real life”)
    And I’m now a follower.

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