It is not generally known that when Martin Luther King was delivering his famous speech he came to a long and complicated sentence constructed by the speechmakers late the previous evening. He hesitated, and from behind  him Mahalia Jackson said “Tell them about the dream, Martin, tell them about the dream”. He pushed the prepared speech to one side and one of his friends chortled “They don’t  know it but they all going to Church!”. He then proceeded to give an extempore speech that changed the face of a nation.

We are not sure what relevance the story has to this website, except that we too have a dream, that it is still evolving, and it is connected to Jesus of Nazareth.

The use of the words Jesus of Nazareth in this blog is deliberate, The usual description “Jesus Christ” is dated and dogmatic – dogma according to Steve Jobs being “the result of other people’s thinking”. What we like to think we are doing is looking at Jesus of Nazareth with understanding and information not available to people of the first century and in a manner relevant to the present day – as did our patron saint Martin!


One is a research scientist and one is a lawyer, and both believe that the world has lost much in rejecting Jesus of Nazareth.  Both are “ministers” of the Wembley Downs Uniting Church in Perth, Western Australia – the city designated by National Geographic as “the most isolated city in the world”.

Both of us have our individual ideas and approach to life, and regard this as a plus rather than a minus. We do have, however, a common dream and this is why we use a common web page.

We are also different in age. One is in the mid eighties, the other in the early fifties. Again we see this as an advantage rather than a disadvantage.

Because we believe that every reader is entitled to know something of the history (and herstory) of the writer we have appended two biographies. You may or may not be interested – and that’s O.K. On this website we do not seek to impose. We seek only to share a dream and to share material that might make that dream clearer.

2 responses to “WE HAVE A DREAM TOO!”

  1. Bruce Sanguin says :

    Sounds like an exciting dream! I look forward to hearing your wisdom from across the pond.

  2. Lolita says :

    Your article is very important, I would say, to a majority of people in this world. However, due to acts of terorism and various “criminal happenings”(what happened to the Mr. King himself) people afraid and reluctunt to “have a dream”.

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